Java™ Data Base Connectivity Driver

The Minisoft JDBC (Java™ Data Base Connectivity) driver lets any programmer write applications in Java™ to access MPE flat files, KSAM files, Image, and TurboIMAGE databases using standard SQL statements. It allows a developer to use familiar Java™ development tools to access information on HP 3000 computers. You can deploy a one-, two-, or three-tier database-access solution, providing the user with access to databases located on any HP system:

  • The one-tier solution allows a Java™ application written on an HP 3000 to access TurboIMAGE databases on that HP 3000 using standard SQL syntax.
  • Using the two-tier approach, applications written in Java™, but running as an applet or an application on another machine (HP, PC, Mac, etc.), are also able to access TurboIMAGE databases using standard SQL syntax.
  • The three-tier solution lets applets or applications access databases on any HP 3000 from a central server. This provides a single entry point for your applets or applications without limiting access to databases that might reside on any number of HP 3000s.

Regardless of the solution chosen, the Minisoft JDBC driver provides enhanced SQL parsing and optimization to make use of TurboIMAGE keys, as well as third-party indexes, providing the fastest and most efficient access to TurboIMAGE data.

Compare Minisoft and Hewlett Packard JDBC Drivers


Minisoft Hewlett Packard
Native Image access YES NO
Multiple database access YES NO
KSAM support YES NO
Flat file support YES NO
Cognos sub-files YES NO
Native Omnidex* & Superdex YES NO
TPI – Third Party Indexing YES NO
Btrees YES NO
Multi-threaded YES NO
Suprtool SD Files YES NO