Ship/FX supports FedEx Hold at Location (HAL)

Ship/FX® extends pick up drop off (PUDO) support with FedEx Hold at Location integration
SNOHOMISH, Wash.—May 6, 2022—Minisoft Inc., a leading provider of forms generationdocument application developmenttransactional email, transactional two-sided label and multi-carrier shipping solutions, is pleased to announce that Ship/FX supports the FedEx Hold at Location service, extending its PUDO support. 

PUDO is an acronym which stands for pick up, drop off. Retailers can offer a location where packages can be picked up and dropped off. The location is a part of a wider network of PUDO locations. Ship/FX can specify the PUDO location on a shipment. Ship/FX also supports PUDO for shipments processed from seller marketplaces like the Amazon Seller Marketplace.

Likewise, Ship/FX users can take advantage of ActiveFORMz, a configurable toolset which allows Ship/FX users to create web interfaces (UI’s) to support their customers interactions and experiences. This might be as simple as enabling customers to look up carrier PUDO locations on their smartphones, tablets or desktop devices.

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