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March 6, 2003 Press Release


Native MAC OS X Support for Minisoft 92

Snohomish, WA- Minisoft is pleased to announce Native MAC OS X support for it's popular Minisoft 92 terminal emulator for Apple Macintosh.

Minisoft 92 for MAC is the ONLY NATIVE OS X HP terminal emulation package.

MS92 for Mac allows the Macintosh to access data, applications, and storage capacity of your Hewlett-Packard e3000 or other host computers just as if you were using the HP700/92 terminal.

Users can also connect MS92 for Mac to their host by direct cable, modem, or local area network. You can log host data to printers or disk files and automate any task using the TermTalk scripting language.

MS92 for Mac takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Macintosh interface including multitasking, online help, and cut and paste with the clipboard.

Minisoft 92 for MAC version 5.0 also supports:

  • Complete HP 700/92 & VT102 terminal emulation

  •  ASCII/Binary file transfer

  •  Integrated NS/VT and Telnet networking support

  •  Apple Carbon User Interface

  •  Local slaved printing

  •  Powerful scripting

  •  TrueType scalable fonts

Call (800)682-0200 to  receive a free demo.

Minisoft offers competitive trade-in pricing of $79.00.
*Price valid only in North America.



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