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Minisoft Releases PCI Compliant Versions of ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB

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Customer Feedback  

Address:  Shrewsbury, NJ
From:  Frank Nikola

Thanks Mark!

I did try without the parenthesis as well before, but ran into the problem you outlined below and now the statement works fine!

Thanks again as your level of support is always awesome and should be the bar for all companies. It is always a pleasure to deal with Minisoft because of your support as you are extremely knowledgeable regarding the product and always willing to share this with me. Also, you always return my calls/emails very quickly (always within acceptable time frames) and explain any issues fully and understandable.

Please share these compliments with your manager(s) as usually people only do this when they have complaints and I like to share the good as well!

Thanks again!

Customer:  S2 Yachts, Inc.
Address:  Holland, Michigan
From:  Ralph Sabene

To whom it may concern,

Since good customer service is a rarity these days, I wanted to personally let you know what great support I've received from your company over the past few weeks. Our company recently purchased your ODBC driver for the HP3000 server. Being new to the database system used on this server, I've had several questions concerning connectivity and accessing the data. On every occasion, I've received prompt and competent answers from your technical support personnel. In particular, Mark Harrington has been outstanding in providing me the information I've needed. Whether it concerned schema files, ODBC SQL syntax, etc., Mark was able to solve my problems or answer my questions quickly and accurately.

You've got a great support team to be proud of at Minisoft. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the great service!

With kind regards,

Ralph Sabene
S2 Yachts, Inc.

Customer:  Marsh Furniture Company
Address:  High Point, North Carolina
From:  Matthew J. Cuda

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for such an awesome product. Up until now we had been using the "FREE" ODBC driver to access the HP3000 image data. The only problem with the free ODBC was... It didn't work!

Now that we have switched to Minisoft, we can get data back fast. It works with Visual Basic.net, supports B-TREES and allows us to access Message Files, KSAM and flat ASCII files. It was well worth the money. Besides purchasing Visual Studio.net, the Minisoft ODBC has been the best purchase we have made since I came to work for Marsh Furniture Company.

Thanks again,

Matthew J. Cuda
Marsh Furniture Company

Customer: All Packaging Machinery
Address: Ronkonkoma, New York
From: Dan Wood

I want to thank you, your company, and your staff for all the help which has been provided to me in purchasing and using your ODBC driver for my HP3000.

The latest version of the product was easy toinstall, quick to set up, and easy to use. In conjunction with Access97 and Excel97 I was able to retreive and maniupulate data files with 35,000 records.

I have pulled all my year end files from my HP and stunned everyone here with the results. I now can do anything with my raw data that I want.

Again, thanks to you and the entire staff for their professional service and great product. I only wish I knew about this years ago.

Dan Wood