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Minisoft Releases PCI Compliant Versions of ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB

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MSJOB Information


Sybase's PowerBuilder 6.5

Creating the DB Profile

  1. When PowerBuilder opens click DB Profile on the toolbar.
    <Toolbar 1>
  2. The Database Profiles dialog box will open, click ODBC in the subdirectory, then click New.
    <Database Profiles 1>
  3. Select the Connection tab, type MSDB under Profile Name, select MSCARD under Data Source then uncheck User ID and Password.  Click OK.
  4. Click MSDB under the subdirectory, then click Connect.
    <Database Profiles 2>

NOTE: (April 7, 1999)
At this time you must exit and restart PowerBuilder before using the new profile. Please review the release notes of subsequent releases for a change in this requirement.

Setting the Database Preference

  1. Click Database on the Toolbar.
    <Toolbar 2>
  2. Click Cancel when the Select Tables dialog box appears.
    <Select Tables 1>
  3. Click Design on the menu bar, then click Options.
    <Menu 1>
  4. The Database Preferences dialog box will then appear. Under General Tab uncheck Use Powersoft Repository, then click OK.
    <Database Preferences>

Creating the new DataWindow

  1. Click DataWindow on the Toolbar.
    <Toolbar 3>
  2. The Select DataWindow dialog box will then appear, click New.
    <Select DataWindow>
  3. Select SQL under Data Source, then select Tabular under Presentation Style.   Click OK.
    <New DataWindow>
  4. The Select Tables dialog box will appear.  Select MSCARD CUSTOMER, then click Open.
    <Select Tables 2>
  5. Select Data Source (SQL) on the Toolbar, then select needed fields under MSCARD CUSTOMER Type.
    <DataWindow 1>
  6. Deselect Data Source (SQL) on the Toolbar, then select Preview on the Toolbar.
    <DataWindow 2>
  7. Preview will then display.
    <DataWindow 3>

Creating a new project

To create a new project, press the Project button on the toolbar and follow the prompts.

<Toolbar 4>