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Minisoft Releases PCI Compliant Versions of ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB

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Installing the ODBC Upgrade

At this time there is no significant difference between a new installation and an update.

If you have any question about these instructions, please contact support at Minisoft.

  1. Backup existing files on the HP e3000 before proceeding.
  2. To avoid installation delays, request a current extension code before running the server file installation. This will be needed on systems that do not have complete and current licensing information.
  3. Run the host file installation application (install_msjob.exe) from a Windows PC. Follow the on screen prompts to upload the ancillary programs needed by the server software.
  4. Run the server installation application (install_odbc2262.exe) from a Windows PC.  Follow the on screen prompts to upload the files needed by ODBC. This application is password protected. You will need to contact Minisoft for the password.
  5. Verify license information.
    1. Logon to your HP as MGR.MINISOFT,MM
    3. Check the expiration date and user count for ODBC.
    4. If the date is not as you expect (unlimited for permanent license, or a date in the form of YYYYMMDD for evaluations), please contact Minisoft.
  6. Optionally update license information.
    1. Logon as MGR.MINISOFT,MM
    3. Reply to the prompts with the information supplied by Minisoft.
    4. Verify license information as in #5 above.
  7. Update/install your client software (odbc226c.exe). When updating, you may wish to temporarily use more than one server release of ODBC. Follow the directions given for MSJOB
  8. Optionally, update/install you administrative software (odbc226a.exe).
  9. Start the server processes by streaming MSJOB.MM.MINISOFT.


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