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Press Release:
Minisoft Releases PCI Compliant Versions of ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB

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"Minisoft PCI Compliant"

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Posted Download
Web Tools
  Active Server Pages 05/04/99   HTTP
  FrontPage 95 10/27/97   HTTP
  FrontPage 98 10/26/98   HTTP
Application Development Tools
  VB.NET Sample 2/2/04    
  VB.NET (ADO & ODBC .NET) 4/1/03   HTTP
  MSAccess - Update or Add Records 6/11/98    
  Sybase's PowerBuilder 5.0 12/2/98    
  Sybase's PowerBuilder 6.5 12/2/98    
  Visual Basic for Applications 11/11/97    
  Microsoft's DAO and Visual Basic 7/15/98    
  Microsoft's RDO and Visual Basic 7/15/98    
  Borland's Delphi 2.0/3.0 12/4/97   HTTP
Reporting Tools
  Microsoft's SQL Server 7 6/10/99    
  Microsoft's Excel 12/2/98    
  BrioQuery 5/29/98    
  Speedware's Esperant 5/28/98    
  Microsoft's Word (Macro) 12/24/97    
  Microsoft's MSAccess 8/7/97    
  Seagate's Crystal Reports 3/29/99    
  Cognos' Impromptu 8/21/97    
  Using MSJOB June 12, 2002    
  PDL Dictionary Import 9/6/00    
  Self Describing Files 2/22/99    
  ODBC Deployment 6/9/00    
  ODBC/SQL Functions December 2, 2009    
  Configuring an ODBC/32 data source 12/3/98    
  Use DBUTIL to find database passwords 9/8/97    
  ODBC/32 Revision History 10/23/98    
  Using TPI 8/5/99    
  Installing ODBC Host Server 8/18/97    
  Installing an ODBC upgrade 9/26/98    
  Schema Editor 6/8/00    
  Catalog Editor 9/24/98    
  Creating a File DSN (SQLDriverConnect) 12/2/98    
  Updating TurboImage databases, KSAM and MPE files. 1/12/04