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Configuring an OSX based system

un-tar the files to the /opt/minisoft directory. If you use a different directory, adjust the sample names provided below to match your system.

Create a copy of mscard.ini (sample.ini in this documentation) that contains a reference to your Image/Eloquence database.

white:/opt/minisoft root# more /opt/minisoft/sample.ini
DSN             = SAMPLE
driver          = 3kodbc
ImageDatabase0  = MSCARD.MM,DO-ALL,1,1
User Password   = PASSWORD
User            = MGR
Account         = MINISOFT
Server          =
Server Port     = 30006

Adding the driver to the list of available ODBC drivers.

Use the ODBC Administration tool.

Unlock the configuration.

Unlock the COnfiguration

Select the Drivers tab. Press Add. Enter a description. Select the lib3kodbc.so file for both the Driver and Setup file.

Driver Installation



Do not create a user or system DSN with the ODBC Administrator. User and database passwords are stored in an encoded format and must be written using the provided config3kodbc.exe utility.

Go to the shell prompt.

# export ODBCSYSINI=/Library/ODBC
# export ODBCINI=/Library/ODBC/odbc.ini
# ./config3kodbc.exe -i -s -f sample.ini

To make the DSN visible to FileMaker, add your new DSN to the list of available DSNs.

# vi /Library/ODBC/odbc.ini

Add a new line to the [ODBC Data Sources] section. If the DSN name is SAMPLE, then add: "SAMPLE = 3kodbc".

white:/opt/minisoft root# more /Library/ODBC/odbc.ini
[ODBC Data Sources]
SAMPLE = 3kodbc

Trace = 0

driver         = /opt/minisoft/lib3kodbc.so
DSN            = SAMPLE
User Password  = XXXXXXX
User           = MGR
Account        = MINISOFT
Server         =
Server Port    = 30006

The DSN will now appear in the FileMaker list of available ODBC Data Sources.