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Database Access Tool for the HP e3000

With Hewlett Packard's 32-bit ODBC driver, HP e3000 users will quickly discover they are forced to use Allbase or Image/SQL to access their Image or TurboImage databases. To use HP's "free" ODBC driver, users must setup and define DBE's (Data Base Environment) before any data can actually be accessed. And to use HP's ODBC driver directly with Image databases, users are forced to spend thousands of dollars for a third-party upgrade.

With Minisoft's ODBC driver you can have direct access to Image and TurboImage databases without having to incur the overhead of Allbase or Image/SQL.

Minisoft's ODBC supports advanced features such as linking to multiple databases, KSAM, and MPE files. This makes Minisoft's ODBC the perfect client/server tool for accessing valuable corporate data directly from and ODBC compliant application.

Whether the task is to web enable a legacy application or implement a Visual Basic or .NET application that facilitates access to a company's corporate database, Minisoft ODBC is the perfect choice for HPe3000 users.

Reviews of ODBC

Latest Review: "3000 NewsWire: Middleware, QSS tech breathe life into 3000" by Ron Seybold

"In the case of QSS, Minisoft was able to supply a modern interface and so extend the value of the HP3000."  

To read the case study: QSS_CaseStudy.pdf

Minisoft's ODBC review by the 3000 NewsWire.

"ODBC/32 is a very nice solution, and much easier to work with than the HP-supplied ODBCLink SE solution."

Minisoft's ODBC review by Interact magazine!

"With this one method of connecting to the database I now had a huge array of tools that could be applied to existing business problems without changing the data server or disrupting existing applications."

Product Comparison


Hewlett Packard

Native Image access

Multiple database access YES NO
KSAM support YES NO
Flat file support YES NO
Cognos sub-files YES NO
Native Omnidex & Superdex YES NO
TPI - Third Party Indexing YES NO
Btrees YES NO
Multi-threaded YES NO
Eloquence Support YES NO