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Press Release:
ODBC now supporting Eloquence, AIX, OSX, UNIX, LINUX, and Oracle Open Gateway for Heterogeneous Queries

Press Release:
Minisoft Releases PCI Compliant Versions of ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB

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ODBC Driver for UNIX

  • HP-UX (HP 9000)
  • AIX (RS 6000)
  • Linux (ix86)
  • OSX (Macintosh)
  • Solaris (Sun)

Migration and Interoperability from MPE to UNIX.

Minisoft's ODBC and JDBC drivers for UNIX enables these platforms to directly access data from TurboImage databases, KSAM and MPE file residing on HP e3000s. This opens up many new capabilities for migration and interoperability.

Access HPe3000 data as if it were part of the Oracle database.

For example, using Oracle's Heterogeneous Services using Generic Connectivity, Oracle users and applications can directly access HP e3000 data as if it were part of an Oracle database. Simple commands to Oracle can become powerful migration operations. A whole dataset can be migrated to the Oracle database with one statement such as this:

CREATE TABLE <new Oracle table> AS SELECT * FROM <e3000 dataset>

Also, since the HP e3000 data appears as tables in the Oracle database, Oracle applications can use the data directly. This provides a whole new slate of development tools for web and e-business applications. Later when the data is migrated to the Oracle system, the applications will not have to be changed.

Web application interoperability between the HPe3000 and UNIX systems.

Having Minisoft's ODBC driver available for UNIX also enables web applications written for application servers such as WebSphere, Sun ONE Active Server Pages (formerly Chili!Soft ASP), iPlanet, Apache JServ, and others to interoperate with HP e3000 applications by directly accessing and modifying HP e3000 data. User applications, such as StarOffice can also use MiniSoft's connectivity on HP-UX and Linux to access HP e3000 data.

Minisoft's ODBC and JDBC drivers for UNIX can provide simple, powerful migration and interoperability capabilities during each step of migration.