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Tracing Facilities

Change the settings after you logon and before you enter the host application.  (Do not enable tracing while entering user IDs or passwords.)

  • In Secure92, select the Config – Terminal menu option.
  • Switch the view to the “Service” tab.
  • Place a check mark in the “Enable Tracing” box.
  • In the “Trace File Name” field, enter a file name in the format “C:/trace.%d”. Be sure to reference a directory that you have write access to. The two characters "%d" will be replaced by the process ID number. Do not ass a file extension as it will be included automatically.

A set of files will be created when you start typing.  The number of files and their contents will be determined by the connection method.

As of version, there will not be .evt or .wpk files produced for either SSH or NSVT+SSH connections. In addition, the .evx file will not include user data or key press information.

After you logoff, return the “Enable Tracing” check box to off. Send the complete set of files (either two or three files depending on the options you have set) to support@minisoft.com