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Release Notes

Version Currently at

			6330 - Ecometry QAS Typeahead.
			       Keep Spaces on ASCII download.

			6329 - Ecometry QAS.
			       Display configuration file and directory in Help-About.
			6328 - Add Raw, Raw+SSH, and TELNET+SSH.

			6327 - Fix Clear of a selection so it wont remove enhancements.

			6326 - Fix Block mode issue with Config Screen.
			     - Fix paste typeahead character mode slowness.

			6325 - Do not toggle NUMLOCK if key is mapped.
			       Remove NSVT Typeahead slowness.

			6324 - Do not toggle NUMLOCK if key is mapped.

			6323 - Fix input box.

			6322 - Change default r1enter to ecometry keys off.
			       Fix Configure Connection dialog Ask button.
			       Fix Paste multi-line with blank line.

			6321 - Fix for VT mode print screen.

			6320 - Fix on disconnect action.

- File transfer support for serial connections corrected.

- File transfer changes.

- Added "stabilize scroll wheel" for Microsoft Intelipoint.
- Added options for double click selection of non-ASCII characters.
- Fixed RTF copy to non-enabled by default.

6312 - File transfer changes.

6308 - Reset SSH session parameters on each connection.

- Add a caret (^) escaping mechanism (^^) to printer init string.
- Update NSVT Local Node Name.

- Full rebuild for resource error.

- VT Terminal mode startup fixes.
- Fix cursor position display update delay.

- Disable error message after successful disconnect.

- Change exception report on disconnect to normal from error.
- flicker in fkeys when background is high contrast

- Fix crash on % in script.
- Added magical #WTS# variable to retrieve a thin client address (if available)

- Add host file list (MPE only) to File Transfer dialog.

- Fix for extra CR in LOG OFF command response (SBCTC).

- Stop cursor blink on inactive screen.

- Added "Display FF as LF".

- Enable selection of Line-Per-Page.
- Fix trial mode.

- Fix Options/Fkeys/hide.
- Fix file upload (purge option).

- Return complete packet on reading function key labels (qedit).
- stop excessive fkey repaint.
- Remove other SSH common connection close messages.
- fix <ask every time>.

- Move SSH common connection close messages to "debug" from "error"
- Copy SSH logging level configuration to NSVT/Tunnel dialog
- Remove excess dot from Save As filename
- Improve sanity of Color configuration dialog

- Allow create new file for Capture To Disk.
- Added TELNET keep alive.
- Added Tri-State InhEolWrp.

- Ecometry Automapped keys.
- Allow FKey change.

- Store, recall, and paint Function Keys.
- Fix color configuration for default Ecometry.
- Uppercase command line file name.

- File Transfer fix

- Misc threading fixes and optimizations.

- Added managed code.
- Starting to add online activate.
- Isolate and stabilize Event Trace thread.
- Fix FKeys display timing.
- Removed extra DC2 send.
- Block typeahead of status responses.
- Fix learn script HPEnter key.
- Fix script Expect command to skip HP status responses.
- Started OLE support.

- Fix ScrollJump buffer overflow GPF.



  1. 6134 - Increased default Scroll Jump from 1 to 100.
    - Increased default memory rows from 240 to 1000.
    - Add a connection setting of "ask", make it default.
    - Script recorder default save file extension.

    6133 - Added WINTITLE.
    - Fixes to VT mode supported

    6131 - Repair to ssh/telnet qedit enter data.

    6130 - Enable ask first ask every printer.
    - Fix Function Key Label Colors
    - Fix VT emulation.
    - implement HPVT_CLIENT_VENDOR for testing.

    6128 - Enable "On Open".
    - Fix script file access.

    6127 - OLE Tracing.

    6126 - Enable DDE.

    6125 - Added use FF with Windows Default Printing.
    - Enable suppress closing FF option.
    - Updated evt file writing.
    - Fixed exception on exit
    - Fix startup with non-default number of Rows.

    6124 - buffer change for trace.
    - EM220 - fixed CUP command
    - EM220 - Support line draw.

    6123 - Handle Home-Up-Ignore when memorylock.
    - Fix background color change after settings.
    - Script threading fix.

    6122 - Un-hide Fkeys when switching modes-user
    - Handle Home-Up and memorylock when cursor in locked space.
    - Fixed mixing "L" from read user mode keys.
    - Script DoExpect fix

    6121 - Clean up unix file download quit.
    - PrintConfig for trace files.
    - Fix color change on configuration exit.

    6120 - Speed up HPUX transfers.

    6119 - Transfer Terminator fix

    6107 - Pass HP prompt via messages.
    - File Transfer, scripted
    - Remove destructive backspace from incoming data.

    6100 - File Transfer, Unix

    6089 - Misc QSS
    - Misc File Transfer

    6086 - Scroll Faster...
    - Color Pairs (2627A)

    6082 - Report SSH connection details in About box.
    - Improve memory management while scrolling.
    - Support host command: OPEN filename
    - Support host command: ERASE filename
    - NSVT Threading
    - Fix last row to reset when clear screen is used.
    - Added defaults button to file transfer configuration.




  1. Support host command: CLOSE DISK
  2. Handle ",TEMP" string for file transfers.
  3. Disable tracing of user data for SSH and NSVT+SSH.
  4. Script recording issues.
  5. Do not clear message label on change of fkeys.
  6. Enable evt trace in non-debug versions.
  7. Fixed turn trace off fault.
  8. Increase NSVT typeahead buffer to allow unlimited paste.
  9. Prevent Show/Hide FKeys from changing current fkey set.
  10. Prompt before exiting if a connection is open.
  11. Typeahead Paste fix.
  12. Copy with formatting.
  13. Serial port - ignore status pins.
  14. Return correct error message.
  15. Configurable logging disposition
  16. Support host command: CLOSE PRINTER
  17. Support host command: LOG OFF
  18. Support host command: LOG
  19. Clear Function key message label area always.
  20. Clear Function key message label area completely.
  21. Return status on <esc>&p###W
  22. NSVT memory leaks.
  23. Block mode terminators...
  24. Fix deleteline resetting last row on clear enhancements.
  25. testing FldSep and BlkTerm on Function key read (esc-j).
  26. Typeahead either from NSVT or settings.
  27. Removed bold font option.
  28. Added minimum font scaling size.

Version (November 4, 2009)


  1. Control key revereses the affect of Scroll wrap.
  2. SRN fixes for enter and fkeys.
  3. Return \e&a####c###Y on cursor sense.
  4. TELNET file transfer change.
  5. Printing from HPUX.
  6. Emulation Selection
  7. Memory Lock in GrowthPower
  8. Ask on Disconnect (Exit)
  9. Inconsistent wpk trace file name.
  10. Timeout reply sent after normal reply.
  11. Odd length NSVT read replies sent.
  12. No autoreply to zero length read request.
  13. NSVT rewrite
  14. Kiosk Mode blocks toolbar toggle
  15. Unix FT (ws92link)
  16. Clear Line/Page at EOS
  17. Many File Transfer changes

Version (May 14, 2009)


  1. Added checkbox for Type Ahead for HP emulation.
  2. Improvements to File Transfer routine.
  3. Fixed multi-line copy problem when Select Wrap is checked.

Version (May 5, 2009)


  1. Correct Destructive Backspace on protected screen.
  2. Improvements to File Upload.
  3. Fixed clipboard buffering debug information issue.

Version (April 16, 2009)


  1. Handle malformed escape sequences.

Version (April 8, 2009)


  1. Correct Speedware display issue.
  2. Add option to disable Move-to-Mouse.

Version (April 6, 2009)


  1. Fix for keymapping when VK_CANCEL replaces VK_PAUSE.
  2. Supporting Windows XP and later.
  3. Underline enhancement for Line Draw characters.
  4. Host Initiated File Transfer changes.
  5. Fixes for NSVT+SSH and SSH memory usage.

Version (March 24, 2009)


  1. Copy correctly when using Wrap Select.
  2. Do not lose track of last line during clear screen.

Version (January 15, 2009)


  1. LF after CR for Telnet.

Version (December 15, 2008)


  1. Add Null after CR for Telnet.
  2. Enabled Jump Scroll.

Version (December 10, 2008)


  1. Improve support for Memory Lock, Home Down, and Cursor Position.

Version (December 5, 2008)


  1. Handle cursor position and display enhancement without any characters.

Version (December 3, 2008)

With this release, Minisoft Secure 92 replaces MS92 for Windows. The version number of Minisoft Secure 92 is being incremented in line with the last release of MS92 to provide a smooth upgrade.


  1. Configurable Host Status.
  2. Insert while in Block Mode.
  3. Disable key map display for key combinations that are not available.
  4. Support Enq/Ack for serial connections.
  5. Fixed type 3 (InhHndShk && !InhDC2) handshake.
  6. Improved Insert Wrap and Margins.
  7. Flicker Fix.
  8. Configurable Local Echo (for TELNET) and Auto Linefeed.
  9. Script Recording fixes.
  10. Configuration file management changes.
  11. Send Display (esc-d) fixed for "Character Mode" and "Character Mode, Format Mode".
  12. Transmit last enhancement on line when no character is set.
  13. Do not scroll last line above screen.
  14. Added Insert Wrap and Delete Wrap to Edit menu.
  15. Display default shortcuts for Cut/Copy/Paste on edit menu.
  16. Delete characters from screen on Cut/Clear.
  17. (Unmapped) Delete key will clear an active selected text area on screen.

Version (June 20, 2008)


  1. When scripting a ## delimiter does getenv. For example, display "#username#" will display the Windows user.
  2. Function Key border.
  3. TELNET - AIX - Block Mode handshake.
  4. Corrected function keys send in Ecometry mode.
  5. Modified NSVT-SSH Tunneling source code structure.
  6. Fixed file transfer issue.
  7. Added XON/XOFF for serial and modem transfers.
  8. Added support for USB serial ports.

Version (February 21, 2008)


  1. Ask for updated key/IP confirmation.
  2. Block Mode, Multi-Line paste.
  3. MACS fixes.
  4. Copy only selected area.
  5. Close quicker.
  6. More Cursor Types.
  7. Fix NS/VT timeout and zero length read.
  8. Do not reset LastRow on clear screen.
  9. Add NSVT as synonym for ADVANCENET.
  10. Add BINARY and RECEIVE script translators.
  11. COM+ access from VB. ( only)
  12. Fix AutoLF.
  13. DDE enhancements
  14. Corrected thread error on application end.

Version (June 18, 2007)


  1. Changes to allow SSH and scripting with odd sets of parameters.
  2. Barcode scan typeahead.

Version (June 13, 2007)


  1. Block exit when connected and disable exit is selected.
  2. Trace NSVT close packet on disconnect.


  1. File Transfer fixes.

Version (June 6, 2007)


  1. Enahanced Printer Configuration Dialog.
  2. Improve threading.
  3. Mouse moves and selections.
  4. Added sizes 6 and 7 to the printer font dialog


  1. Reset InhDC2 on change of Connection Type.

Version (May 22, 2007)


  1. New SSH prompting.
  2. Parse printer init and reset strings to support escape sequences.
  3. Trace NSVT Write_Flags.
  4. Enable HP Delete Wrap.


  1. CAPS Lock issue corrected.
  2. Redisplay cursor after all screen resizes.

Version (May 10, 2007)


  1. Save mapped key strings as quoted.
  2. Windows print driver defaults to 3 line top and bottom margins.


  1. Process "display-columns" settings.
  2. Wait for SSH connection in scripts.

Version (May 3, 2007)


  1. Pick up SSH user and pass from script.
  2. Save expected connection type while offline.
  3. Save mapped keys to configuration file.
  4. Handle SSH Known Hosts from common dir.


  1. Fix problem introduced with config/script command line options.

Version (April 20, 2007)


  1. CAPS Lock can be changed from config screen.


  1. NS/VT correct counter value passed when receiving host messages



  1. Keymap changes.

Version (April 17, 2007)


  1. Print to File.
  2. Ecometry related enhancements.


  1. Tab and Margin fixes.
  2. Removed block that prevented zeros from printing in "^[[5i" mode.
  3. Fixed printed output from "^[[5i" fix.

Version (January 19, 2007)


  1. Added configurable default page print mode lines per page).


  1. Suppress screen display when in "^[[5i" print mode.

Version 1.2


  1. Optimized configuration file.
  2. Trace translation table activity.
  3. Selectable Function Key font.
  4. Added "Print Selected Text" context menu item.
  5. Added additional stock (text) buttons to the top control bar.


  1. Loading a configuration file will no longer turn off tracing.
  2. Support extended ASCII characters (above 127).
  3. Miscellaneous script fixes.
  4. Type-Ahead Check.

Version 1.1


  1. Added support for SET_USER_BLOCK.


  1. Function Key transfer modes work in additional configurations.