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   Release Notes


Build 181 for MS320 Version 5.0
June 10, 2008

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Application fault pressing F2 (print screen) when default printer removed.
  2. Application fault when inserting multiple characters.
Features Added
  1. Added direct logging to output device defined by Startup.ini variable.
Internal Fixes
  1. Polish font file not being used when Polish build is set.
  2. Help does not work in some cases.

Build 180 for MS320 Version 5.0
March 27, 2008

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Serial setup is available even if there are not serial ports available.
  2. No recovery from Serial AutoStart when there are no serial ports available.
  3. No recovery from Open COM??? ECL command when COM??? is not available.Crashes when modem connection made from command line.
  4. When there are no COM ports available there is invalid port data.
Features Added
  1. Updated WS_FTP Pro to 2007.0.0.2
  2. Added copy with TABS.
  3. Added ECL commands F$TIME(), F$ENVIRONMENT(<NAME>), F$DIRECTORY().
  4. Added ability to do OPEN HOST ECL command allowing read control of data flow.
  5. Converted old MS help files to HTML help files.
  6. Signed all executables and dll's.

Build 179 for MS320 Version 4.01
November 13, 2007

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Crashes on machines that have no serial ports.
  2. Does not shut down completely on exit (when serial ports active).
  3. Removed code from release build that produced the file debugserzzz.txt.
  4. Crashes when modem connection made from command line.
  5. Sometimes consumes 100% of CPU when starting program. (toolbar manager)
  6. Memory loss when using WIN ECL command.
  7. Sometimes has an application error on exit.
  8. Screen fonts change after some print operations.
  9. Serial input is not smooth.
  10. Printer button not visible in some cases.

Build 178 for MS320 Version 4.01
March 6, 2007

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. VTFONT.FON file not included in release.

Build 177 for MS320 Version 4.01
February 26, 2007

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Serial file transfer send crashes on slow connection
Features Added
  1. Made it possible to select any available modem.

Build 176 for MS320 Version 4.01
January 8, 2007

Bug-fix Highlights
  1. Color changes are not valid for SCO when bold attribute set.
  2. Cursor disappears and will not come back until MS320 is restarted.

Internal Changes
  1. Limited history text to 5000 lines.

Build 175 for MS320 Version 4.01
January 11, 2007

Bug-fix Highlights
  1. Solve problems with Mouse map names not always working.
  2. Solve problem with keyboard cursor positioning in key mapper dialog.
  3. Solve application error on emulator exit.
Internal Changes
  1. Add Polish builds to IDE environment.
  2. Cut and past caused invalid check for MouseMap pointer.
  3. Modify Caret operations to allow for debugging information to determine why cursor is going away and not coming back.
Features Added
  1. Modify READ HOST to allow continuous read of data from host by using previously invalid OPEN HOST command.

Build 174 for MS320 Version 4.01
March 23, 2006

Bug-fix Highlights
  1. kp_ast and other keymap keys map to the wrong place.
  2. Key mapper displays key assignments without anything being selected.
  3. MS320 will sometimes not exit all the way.

Build 173 for MS320 Version 4.00
September 30, 2005

Bug-fix Highlights
  1. Changed SSH user name dialog to default from current username to NULL.

Build 172 for Minisoft Secure 320 Version 4.00

June 8, 2005

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Internal changes to allow building OEM versions.

Build 171 for Minisoft Secure 320 Version 4.00

June 3, 2005

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Default colors show up as custom when settings file is not present.
  2. Tab settings are blank when settings file is not present.


Build 170 for Minisoft Secure 320 Version 4.00

May 23, 2005

This build adds the following features to Minisoft Secure 320 Version 4.00

Bug-fix Highlights

  1. Keys do not match keyboard during key mapping with international keyboard.

  2. Tab settings are not being saved.

Features added

  1. Public introduction of user controlled visibility of menu and menu entries.

  2. Added a command file recorder limited to keyboard actions.

  3. Added a visual keyboard for mouse click emulation of an actual keyboard.

  4. COM port support for all COM ports detected on the system.

  5. Telnet keep alive to help maintain telnet connections.

  6. Increased scroll memory support.

  7. Added predefined color schemes to the color setup dialogs.

  8. Upgrade WS_FTP Pro to version 9.

  9. Added edit menu to mouse button options.

Version 3.0 Enhancements - Minisoft 320 Version 3.00.160
  • New TrueType Display Font – In addition to our bitmap fonts we now include a custom designed TrueType font that is highly scalable to support large monitors. The new font is also used for printing ensuring greater consistency between display and printed reports. Customized for terminal emulation requirements, the new font display includes visually appealing line drawing characters for the accurate representation of host application boxes, windows and outlines.

  • Startup.Ini Editor – This new utility makes the process of editing the main E-Term32 initialization file simpler and easier to understand. Each configuration setting is explained and online help is also included. This is a nice enhancement that eliminates the need for text editing of the Startup.ini file.

  • Controller Mode Printing using Windows Print Drivers – This feature, along with the capability to define the number of lines and rows in a print job, allows more format control when printing through Controller Mode. Using new mode, Controller Mode printing to Postscript printers is now possible.

  • General Enhancements – As with any new release, we fixed and tweaked various emulation, display, file transfer, and scripting problems reported by our customers, resulting in a more robust, accurate and stable product offering.


Build 160 for Minisoft 320 Version 3.00
November 17, 2003


  • Added ability to cancel a pending Telnet Connection.

  • Internal changes:

    Made possible self extracting builds without any key.


  • Automation object not visible in all situations.

  • Cursor problems including disappears and will not come back.

  • Drop DTR does not work as key token or in command language.

  • Getting errors creating font files in high security environments.


Build 159 for Minisoft 320 Version 3.00
July 31, 2003


  • N/A


Build 158 for Minisoft 320 Version 3.00
June 10, 2003


  • Internal changes


Build 157 for Minisoft 320 Version 3.00
May 30, 2003


  • Final release for version 3.0


Build 143 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
July 30, 2003 (Back fix to older version)


  • Fixed cursor problems introduced in release 140.


Build 142 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
January 29, 2003


  • Fixed problem with running in place.


Build 141 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
January 10, 2003


  • Fails to exit with read pending.

  • Fails to eject printer page when FormFeed character seen on input stream.

  • Sessions not writable for other than Administrators or Power Users.


Build 140 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
November 22, 2002


  • Reduced visibility of cursor during display operations.


Build 139 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
November 11, 2002


  • Regis graphics failed to reset patterns in temporary write mode.


Build 138 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
October 30, 2002


  • NULL characters between ESC and [ cause failure.


  • The old Regis would allow visible graphics beyond 480, added option to new Regis


Build 137 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00
October 22, 2002


  • In Wyse 50, erase of protected fields with protect mode off fails


Build 136 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00


  • Wyse50 does not properly save screen wrap state.

  • Wyse50 does not display double line characters.

  • OLE caused application faults in certain circumstances.

  • Command line startup does not perform as documented.

  • Run Command File does not save the file name, just the directory.

  • Print Controller mode does not use the Windows print drivers.

  • NUM Lock was sometimes sent without emulator being aware of it.

  • SendKeys from other programs does not work.

  • Wyse50 does not display different label lines depending on shift key state.

  • F$ELEMENT ECL command language function does not work.

  • ASCII File transfer character and line delays occur before the character.

  • ASCII File transfer tilde character does not work as documented.

  • ECL INQUIRE command allows only single lines of input.

  • ECL WAIT message does not display control characters in status line.

  • Tool Tips fills the status history with useless messages.

  • Some modifications to default tool bars are not saved.

  • SCO ANSI key map for page down had wrong value.

  • Auto Wrap was turned off in Wyse 50 under certain circumstances.

  • Cursor would go ways when leaving Host Writable Status Line (VT320)


  • Add ability to use Windows print drivers to controller mode printing.

  • Add ability to define the number of lines and columns to printing operations.

  • Make it possible to read log files as they are being written.


Build 121 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00 December 7, 2001


  • Prints extra line in Print continuous mode.

  • Keymapper delete function does not work.

  • TELNET terminal type negotiation does not always succeed.

  • <ESC>n sequence not supported in Wyse 50 mode.

  • Incoming data can cause crash in Wyse 50 mode.


  • Add Euro character support.


Build 119 for Minisoft 320 Version 2.00 October 25, 2001


  • Command language host execution and UDK's do not work.

  • Screen clears when changing compatibility modes.

  • SCO-Ansi does not support ESC sequences followed by a single character.

  • UDK sequences not checking for cancellation.

  • DDE set timeout not properly saved on client side.

  • DDE execute command from client side did not wait for ACK.

  • Telnet negotiation in SCO did not use “Unknown” type.

  • The ';' character in UDK programming sequence can cause infinite loop.


  • Added soft reset code.


Release Notes MS320 Version 2.00.114


  • Does not restore maximized window state when saved that way.

  • Does not process commands with ST terminators.


  • Added option do NumLock/Scroll/Lock keys work as NumLock/Scroll/Lock keys only.


Release Notes MS320 Version 2.00.111

Launching the Application after Installation:

Version 2.0 serializes all data into 1 object file.

If the user is upgrading from version 1.X and wishes to keep their existing session files (*.ini, *.cnf, *.dsk) the program must launch with a "/c" or "/C" to convert existing session files to there respective binary session file.

Under Windows 2000, when an unprivileged user (a non-administrator or a non-power user ) attempts to launch the application an error occurs "Failed to update the system registry, Please try using regedit". See Microsoft article Q254957. Due to this error, a "privileged" user must do all installations.

What's New in 2.0?

  1. Version 2.0 now serializes all data into 1 object file. The toolbar.ini, toolbardefault.ini, keymap.ini, keymapdefault.ini, xxxx.cnf and xxx.dsk files now exist in 1 binary file.

  2. All session files are now kept in a sub directory named "Sessions" off of the installed directory.


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