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MS92 Migration Options


Dear HP Terminal Emulation User, 

Hewlett-Packard's recent decision to discontinue its HP e3000 has many of our customers concerned about their options. Unlike many of our competitors, Minisoft will continue its long-term commitment to the HPe3000 with MS92, Javelin, and our host-based products *ODBC/32, *JDBC, *Middleman, NetPrint, eFORMz, and Scout.


Stay with MS92. MS92 includes VT terminal emulation for reliable access to HP 9000 host applications, with the same familiar interface used to access HP e3000 systems.

Move to MS320, MS5250,MS3270 or Javelin VT. If you are on a current support contract for MS92, you can trade-in your MS92 licenses for MS320 for UNIX and OpenVMS  or MS5250 for the IBM AS/400 at no additional charge. 


Is there an advantage for you to move to Minisoft?

Yes, as always, we make it very easy for WRQ’s Reflection users to convert to our terminal emulation products. We do it with our superior service and extremely low price. Call us to discuss our competitive trade-in policy. This call will save you lots of money! 

*Use Minisoft's ODBC32, JDBC or Middleman to migrate your data!


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