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What is SSL and TLS?

Minisoft announces Windows 7 and 64bit support for its Terminal Emulation Products

$79 with a competitive upgrade! ( In North America only)

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MS5250 comes complete with IBM 5250 terminal emulation models 5251 to 3477 and printer emulation models 5224 to 3812.

Updates - May 24, 2013

MS5250 (

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Release Notes

MS3270 / MS5250 Manual


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Network File Transfer is an optional method of file transfer.


An Inexpensive Yet Powerful iSeries/AS/400 Connectivity Package

Announcing the release of our Secure TN5250!

TN5250 Terminal Emulation with SSL & TLS Secure Support

TN5250's new features include support for OpenSSL to provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols. This supports the START TLS operation as defined in IETF drafts to negotiate encrypted communication, permitting use with dynamic in addition to dedicated SSL host ports.

Minisoft TN5250 - just one look tells you that Minisoft connectivity is the smartest investment you can make in terminal emulation:

So if you think the price of IBM AS/400 terminal emulation is too high, now is the time to look at Minisoft TN5250.


  • SSL & TLS Secure support
  • Full IBM 5250 models from 5251 up to 3477 display emulation and 5224 up to 3812 printer emulation.
  • Reliable high-speed FTP network file transfer.
  • Keyboard mapping.
  • Modem dialer.
  • User configurable toolbar.
  • TN5250 device queue printing.
  • On-line help.
  • Available soon as a Java Thin Client.

Minisoft TN5250 is the ideal choice for companies looking for an inexpensive yet powerful AS/400 connectivity package. So why pay more for other brands of terminal emulation, especially with the volume discounts and site-licensing options offered by Minisoft.

System Requirements

  • PROCESSOR: Pentium or compatible PC
  • RAM: 16 MB minimum
  • VIDEO: Windows 95 or NT 4.0 compatible adapter, 800x600 resolution or higher recommended
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 95 or later.
  • I/O: TCP/IP network connection