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HP700/92 Terminal Emulation For the Macintosh

Minisoft 92 for the Mac provides HP700/92, VT100 and HP ANSI terminal emulation for Macintosh users.

OSX 10.9 Mavericks

The updated version of MS92 for Mac to support Mavericks is available to customers with a current support agreement now. Please call 800-682-0200 or send an email to support@minisoft.com for access.

The new version is

MS92 for the Mac allows your Macintosh to access the data, applications, and storage capacity of your Hewlett-Packard e3000 or other host computers, just as if you were using the HP700/92 terminal.

You can connect MS92 for the Mac to your host by direct cable, modem, or local area network. You have options no ordinary terminal can provide. You can log host data to printers or disk files and can automate any task using the TermTalk scripting language.

MS92 for the Mac takes full advantage of  the advanced capabilities of the Macintosh interface, including multitasking, online help, and cut and paste with the clipboard.

File Transfer Support.

MS92 for the Mac facilitates file transfers of any type of file between your Mac and host computer.

Minisoft 92 for the Mac is the only Hewlett- Packard terminal emulator for the Macintosh. Minisoft 92 for the Mac includes complete serial and LAN connectivity in one integrated package. Minisoft 92 for the Mac features Network Services (NS/VT) and Telnet virtual terminal protocols, allowing connections to HP and UNIX host computers across a wide variety of industry-standard local and wide area TCP/IP networks



Apple now supports the Intel chip. Minisoft is pleased to announce the release of MS92 for Mac OSX (Tiger) which supports the Macintosh Intel based G4. Contact your Minisoft Sales rep for a demo or upgrade.

HP Terminal Support

  • 80,132, or 160 column display
  • Configurable scrolling memory
  • Line or smooth vertical scrolling
  • Row and column counters
  • Underline or block cursor
  • Line drawing, bold, italic and math character sets
  • Configurable HP display enhancements (inverse, underline, half bright, blinking, security)
  • Text and background colors (HP2397 color pairs) can be specified via a dialog box or and escape sequence
  • Supports all HP and DEC handshaking, including hardware, XON/XOFF, and ENQ/ACK, HP2392, HP700/92, HP ANSI, VT102,  emulations.
  • Type ahead

File Transfer

Fast and reliable ASCII/Binary file transfers between PC and HP e3000, HP9000 and UNIX host computers.

Support for XMODEM, XMODEM CRC 1K, and FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

A proprietary file transfer that supports MPE specific information is included.


MS92 for the Mac supports a variety of standards based networking options for the Mac user, including serial, modem, and local area network hardware connections such as HP- NSVT and Telnet. With MS92 for the Mac you can log onto and HPe3000, HP9000, HP1000, DEC VAX and UNIX based systems.

Baud rate support from 300 through 57,600

File Transfer

HPe3000 and HP9000 transfers include:

  • Data compression
  • Dynamically sized data blocks based on network characteristics
  • Support for 7-bit and control character sensitive networks
  • Backup of Macintosh files to host
  • Archival of host files  to Mac. (Mac can act as intermediary in HP to HP file transfer)

Transfers with other hosts

  • Includes XMODEM protocol for binary transfer to HP1000 and other non-hp hosts
  • Supports Apple Communications Toolbox transfer tools

Command Language

MS92 for the Mac's scripting language is a modern block structured language that provides control of MS92 for the Mac's communication with the host and interface to the use. The scripts are source and object code compatible on the Macintosh, Windows platform.

Script Recorder

The Script Recorder lets you create time-saving scripts by recording all commands typed to the host.