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Javelin for Stromasys Charon MPE Emulator

With Javelin, organizations can now easily integrate the wealth of mission-critical information residing on legacy systems with World Wide Web technologies.


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Minisoft for Linux (Javelin)


Version (May 21, 2009)

  1. Configurable mouse down action.
  2. Included built-in fonts (Minisoft92 and monospaced) in list of fonts that can be selected.
  3. Added emulator emulation option. Allows for handling differences between Secure92, WS92, and other emulators of HP terminals.
  4. Added bold font selection.
  5. Improved font rendering on low resolution screens.

Version (May 11, 2009)

  1. Added Type Ahead checkbox for HP emulation.

Version (April 1, 2009)

  1. Implement default behavior for Insert and Delete keys in HP Mode.
  2. Font changes happen without restart.
  3. Network packet capture with timing information.
  4. Corrected additional TELNET option reporting.
  5. Corrected Look-And-Feel changes.


  1. Fixed number of columns > 80 in vt.
  2. Added support for TELNET option NAWS.


  1. Implemented network packet capture.
  2. Corrected network problem where VT reported some TN emulation in TELNET.


  1. Basic Ecometry support added to HP Mode.
  2. Clear Screen Fix in HP Mode.


  1. Pass Through Printing in VT mode.
  2. Preferences tree initially expanded.
  3. Corrected Unicode display in HP mode.
  4. VT Color Configuration and use.
  5. Fixed customization issue in VT Color Configuration.
  6. Corrected issues with local echo of translated characters.


  1. 1. Translation table support in HP emulation.


  1. Added scripting support for command line parameters and applet tags.


  1. In progress work on CPU utilization and cursor blinking.


  1. Fixed TN emulation Empty Field Marker.


  1. Fixed TN emulation colors and cursor.
  2. Key mapping complete (set and delete mappings).
  3. Action for key maps added to handle string, single line commands, and script files.

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