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Terminal Emulation

Web-to-host access in the industry's smallest Java applet.


Product Demonstrations

Javelin Version 2.3 March 2 2001

1. Event file created if EVTFILE [fname] specified                           

use \\ for \ (e.g. EVTFILE "D:\TEST.EVT")

Javelin Version 2.2. February 12 2001

1. Fix for updating screen when characters typed in format   mode

2. Corrected width allowed for scroll bar

3. Fix for Exit file menu command

4. Option not to display function keys: HIDEFKEYS ON

5. Printer font shown in font debug screen

6. Cursor position in format mode

7. Default font to be Courier

8. Translate foreign characters in function key labels

9. Fix for increase buffer sizes in NSVT

10. Fix for displaying message in place of function key labels

11. Configuration Command TYPEAHEAD ON

Javelin Version 2.1.H December 15, 2000

1. Default font to be Courier.

2. Fix for Exit file menu command.

3. Option not to display function keys: HIDEKEYS ON.

4. Printer font shown in font debug screen.

5. Cursor position in format mode.

6. Fix for updating screen when characters typed in format mode.

7. Corrected width allowed for scroll bar.

8. Fix for VSCROLL132.

9. Some internal changes for Web Dimension, that will require re-testing.

10. LOAD command parameter converted to lower case.

11. In VT320 version, fix for double-wide characters.

Javelin Version 2.1.G October 12, 2000

1. Fix for setting initial focus to terminal screen (was only a problem with Windows 2000).

2. Uses "Courier" as the printer font instead of "monospaced"

3. Work around for invalid function key escape sequence in SGA

Javelin Version 2.1.F September 1, 2000

1. Fix for NS/VT hang when Tell/Warn message received. (pre-emptive messages).

2. Fix for LOAD command when completion codes disabled not to send "S".

3. New Optional Configuration file commands.
By using these commands in the configuration file, they will replace or override the <param names=> Hostname, Hostport and Protocol in the HTML file.


<"IP or Node Name">




<Port Number>


1570 (for NSVT)


23 (for TELNET)




ON (Protocol is NSVT)


OFF (Protocol is TELNET)

Javelin Version 2.1.E August 22, 2000

1. Added block cursor option in configuration file

Javelin Version 2.1.D August 1, 2000

1. Fixed problems with insert line and scrolling.

2. Fixed clear line and clear screen to not clear display enhancements in format mode.

Javelin Version 2.1.C June 29, 2000

1. Fix for not changing to 132 columns from 80 with in a program

2. Fix for telnet reading 8 bit characters instead of only 7 bits

3. Fix for printer control sequences to work that was broken in 2.1B

Javelin Version 2.1.B May 11, 2000

1. Fix long delay that looked like hangs.

2. Added scroll bar to display window.

3. The commands added to the configuration file are:

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