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Javelin for Stromasys Charon MPE Emulator

With Javelin, organizations can now easily integrate the wealth of mission-critical information residing on legacy systems with World Wide Web technologies.


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Minisoft for Linux (Javelin)

HP 700/92 Terminal Emulation for Linux Clients

MS92 for Linux is a Java application that enables you to run host-based applications from your Linux work station.  MS92 for Linux requires Sun Java VM version 1.4.1 or greater.

MS92 for Linux is available in HP (700/92 compatible) and DEC (VT320 compatible) versions.

MS92 for Linux features:

  • HP2392A, HP700/92, and VT320 terminal emulations.
  • NS/VT and Telnet network connectivity.
  • Keyboard remapping and user defined function keys.
  • Scripting language for auto login and program execution.
  •  Configurable colors and screen display attributes.
  • Multi-page scroll back memory.
  • 132 column screen display.
  • File transfer when connecting to an HP3000 with WS92LINK installed.
  • Supports "screen" printing.



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