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Javelin for Stromasys Charon MPE Emulator

With Javelin, organizations can now easily integrate the wealth of mission-critical information residing on legacy systems with World Wide Web technologies.


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Minisoft for Linux (Javelin)


Java Terminal Emulation
Universal Access In One Thin Client

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Minisoft Javelin is a new class of Java connectivity software delivering secure legacy host access through the convenient point and click interface of your Web browser. Organizations can easily integrate mission-critical information residing on legacy systems with web based technologies.

Javelin provides universal access to legacy host computer systems by offering precise emulation of IBM 3270, IBM 5250, VT320, and HP700/92 terminals in a single Java client. Users can choose to operate Javelin as a thin client Java applet, or install it as a standalone client under Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX or Macintosh operating systems.

Javelin is small in size but rich in features. In addition to offering a wide selection of terminal emulations, Javelin includes a powerful scripting language, SSH Secure Shell connectivity, and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Javelin Features

  • HP700/92, VT320, IBM 5250, IBM 3270 terminal emulations
  • Customized to work with Stromasys CHARON MPE Emulators
  • SSH – Secure Shell, NS/VT, Telnet network connectivity
  • NS/VT + SSH connectivity
  • Operates on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, HP/UX
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari internet browsers
  • Keyboard remapping
  • User defined function keys
  • 80 & 132 column display
  • Scripting language (Termtalk) for automated login, logoff, program execution
  • Configurable colors and screen display attributes
  • Multi-page scroll back memory
  • Screen printing, pass through printing, and printing through operating system

Javelin System Requirements

  • Java 5.0 or more recent
  • Network connection

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