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  Javelin - Java
Web-to-host access in the industry's smallest Java applet
Javelin is a Java-based terminal emulator that enables browser based connectivity to an HPe3000 or HP 9000 host and run standard HP e3000 or HP 9000 applications. VT version is also available.
  Minisoft Terminal OCX
A powerful Terminal Emulation ActiveX Control
Permits programmers to control all aspects of a terminal emulation session.





Make Wireless Connections to your HP e 3000 or UNIX hosts
  Minisoft Secure 92
Minisoft is pleased to announce the release of a new HP 700/92 terminal emulator for Windows that supports SSH/Secure Shell.
  Minisoft 92 for the Mac
The ONLY MAC based terminal emulation package that supports HP700/92 and VT terminals.
Minisoft 92 for the Mac provides HP700/92, VT100 and HP ANSI terminal emulation for Macintosh users. Allowing your Macintosh to access the data, applications, and storage capacity of your Hewlett-Packard e3000 or other host computers, just as if you were using the HP700/92 terminal.

NEW- Now supporting OSX (Tiger) and the Macintosh Intel based G4.





Minisoft 3270
The smartest investment in IBM TN 3270 terminal emulation
IBM 3270 terminal emulator for Windows. Supports IBM Mainframe network connections via TCP/IP, Telnet, SNA, and NetWare for SAA. Features IND$FILE and FTP file transfer.

An affordable solution for TN3270 terminal emulation. This software package comes complete with IBM  TN3270 terminal emulation, integrated Telnet and SNA networking support.  So if you think the price of IBM Mainframe terminal emulation is too high, now is the time to look at Minisoft 3270.


Minisoft Secure 5250
An inexpensive yet powerful AS/400 connectivity package
IBM 5250 terminal emulator for Windows. Supports connections to the iSeries/AS/400 mid-range computer system via Telnet, TN5250, NS/Router, and SNA.

The ideal choice for companies looking for an inexpensive yet powerful AS/400 TN5250 connectivity package. So why pay more for other brands of terminal emulation, especially with the volume discounts and site-licensing options offered by Minisoft.




Make Wireless Connections to your  UNIX host with

Minisoft 320 for Windows Mobile

Minisoft Secure 320
Now Supporting SSH Secure Shell
A powerful VT100-VT320 terminal emulation package
VT100, VT220, VT320, and ANSI color terminal emulator for Windows. Features integrated networking, including TCP/IP, Telnet, and LAT. Supports FTP, Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem file transfer. Includes 16 and 32-bit executables.

For Windows 3.x...,  95, 98, NT, 2000, NT,XP.  MS320 for  is a high-quality DEC VT320 terminal emulator and Telnet communications program for accessing VMS and UNIX host applications.




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