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eReader - The eFORMz Document Viewer

eReader - The eFORMz Document Viewer allows vendors and customers to correspond using documents produced by eFORMz, Minisoft's electronic forms product.

Clients, do you sometimes wish you could electronically reply to vendors using the pdf documents you receive via email or on-line from a vendor? Vendors, do you sometimes wish your clients could reply electronically back to you using the eFORMz documents you produce?

eFORMz and eReader give you this ability.

Vendors can easily add predefined “fill-in” fields to their eFORMz documents. Your customers, without the need of eFORMz, can enter data in the "fill-in" fields allowing them to save, print, email, and fax the forms they receive using eReader.

Unlike other on-line document viewers, which require you to purchase a full version software package, eReader allows users to print, save, email, and fax their own on-line documents with ease. No additional software or licensing needed!


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