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We went live on our new QAD server yesterday and we're proud to say it was a pretty seamless transition. That's a strong testament to all of the efforts that were given. The IT profession can be a thankless job and it may be like a needle in a haystack but I wanted to send at least a few emails this week that weren't about something not working. We appreciate all of your support.


Philip Booth
Chief Information Officer
New Horizons Baking Company


Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the purchase order project.

Our defense contractor was in this week to do their Post Award Readiness audit. After reviewing our purchase order process and how all the requirements were being flowed down to the supplier they stated that we "Had the best process they have ever seen.". As you know the Minisoft program plays a huge part in meeting their requirements easily and every time.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Bob White

A year ago, when Tom Byrne and Diane Catoggio first began working with you, we had experienced a series of nearly disastrous relationships with other software suppliers and initially assumed we would have similar challenges with you and your firm. Pleasantly, the initial experience was professional, effective and began to rebuild our faith in technology! You and your team were able to build an effective communication system that has immensely improved our relationships with our customers. You integrated seamlessly with Ecometry ERP system and were available whenever we had questions.

A couple of days ago, as Diane and Tom began testing our letters and quotes with the new software version of Ecometry, we realized emails were not set up properly or not able to be sent at all through Minisoft. Our go-live date for the ERP upgrade was in jeopardy and Diane was at a standstill. When Tom and Diane called you, Laura, they were met with the same “can-do” attitude they have come to expect. The 2 hours you spent on the phone and the resources Doug assembled to solve the problems were much appreciated. Identifying the errors we made on our end and quickly solving the problems have enabled us to meet our deadlines. I am impressed with you both and your organization. I am grateful for the relationship we have with Minisoft. Thank you!

Casey W. Wright
Vice President/General Manager

Let me offer my additional congratulations on a job (actually many jobs) well done. We have been in business for 135 years. It has all centered on the relationships we forge along the way. Technology is scary and exciting at the same time. Your organization has been a pleasure to work with and I know that we can find new opportunities for both of us as we grow and both celebrate new anniversaries.

Peter Geiger
Executive Vice President
Geiger, Inc.

All has been going extremely well with eFORMz!

There are so many things that I like better about it than Optio, including better management of the print jobs. We like that it saves each job. In the rare situation, such as paper jams or printer issues, it makes it very easy to rename an extension to reprocess a job. So, instead of having the user regenerate, which in some cases is difficult if not impossible for programs that do updates.

The email addresses from a database has also been a huge improvement in our overall data management. I look forward to seeing the changes to the Text to XML preprocessor. It sounds like that will make things much easier. The use of regular expressions sounds like a great improvement too.

Overall, we have been very pleased.

Thanks for providing a quality product!

Deb Crowell
Allen Organ Company


We went live yesterday with eFORMz and it has been flawless plus the girls in the back that process orders LOVE the eFORMz product and it has simplified their job in many ways. I want to thank you for all of your help with this project. I had a deadline to meet and I would not have met that if it wasn't for your help.

Your customer service is superb and I can see you care for your customers.

Thank you,
Doug Mason - IT Manager
Title Boxing

Potpourri has been using eFORMz for almost a year now. Our initial purchase of the product was driven by a single need, that being to rotate our collate print by 180 degrees to solve jamming problems in our high capacity printers. The reduction in labor hours and maintenance costs for this one project alone paid for the licensing fees associated with eFORMz. Since then, we’ve added several new aspects to the collate project, including a custom divisional (including logo!) return label and a special notation to the WH for rush processing. This last component utilized the ability of the product to access the database in real time to evaluate the order to determine if it needed the notation. We’ve also used the product to produce POs with adjustments in font and font size to emphasize certain parts of the document. Now that our users are starting to see that changes can be affected and that these can be rolled out very quickly, we’re starting to see interest from a number of different areas where automation and output changes can provide benefit.

Through all this, Minisoft’s support group, both Andy and Laura, have been readily available to assist in the creation of the projects and changes per our request. Services agreements for new projects have been cost effective and quickly completed. Even though our use of the eFORMz product is still somewhat minimal, the uses we’ve deployed have already made significant impact in the areas of automation and efficiency.

Randall Davis - V.P. Information Technology
Potpourri Group, Inc.


We were one of the first to use eFORMz to eliminate our preprinted label stock. We own multiple catalogs, each having a different logo. We would have had 44 different label stock if we used preprinted forms. We now have two plain white label stocks. We are running on MPE and that is where the merge took place using Java on the HP.

This year we upgraded our eFORMz software and we are doing the merge on a windows server which takes a big load off of the HP. The other advantage of the new version is that we no longer use the 'pass through' mode and eFORMz produces the bar codes on practically any laser printer and does not require the proprietary font dim. We have tested this on HP, Xerox and Kyocera brand printers.

Dan Buckland
Hickory Farms


Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product in eFORMz. I've been working with Andy to implement the e-Direct module in eFORMz for our invoices. The eInvoices are looking great! The ability to print or email invoices in a single pass is outstanding. My testing is coming along and we'll be in production soon.

Also, a special thanks for Andy in guiding me through this process. He's been extremely helpful and answered my many questions in a timely manner.

Alvin C. Soares Jr.
SmartStream Administrator
Principal Programmer Analyst
Information Technology Division
Port of Oakland


Thank you. I want to commend you and your company for the excellent customer support that you provide. It is truly rare to find a great product like eFORMz that also comes with great customer support. eFORMz has allowed us to automate the key flows of information allowing our employees to be much more productive. I would highly recommend your product to any company looking to improve productivity through the automation of printed documents.

Scrip Companies
Michael Bouchey


We have been using eFORMz for about a year now, and we love it. We originally pursued it solely for the ability to print to PDF from Ecometry. We quickly found a better use for it in printing our packing lists. It has cut our packing list costs by 70% AFTER factoring the cost of the software. This doesn’t even factor in the process improvements we have been able to make through better pre-sorting of packing lists. Technical support for the product is also phenomenal. All of our questions are answered immediately, and we have had several of our “wish list” items implemented into the product at no charge to us within a very short time span.

Jim Meyer


In response to a solution provided by technical support:
That is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. You still have the BEST support of any of our software vendors. This is much appreciated, keep up the great work!


I have to say I am impressed with 6 (eFORMz Version 6). I created a new project and got it to line up on the first try. It also saves to the network fast (2 or 3 seconds). In the past it was get it close, print, then get it closer then print, etc... You could never tell exactly where the data was going to print in the composer. I have used 4.x extensively. Pass on the kudos to whoever created this version please or if it is yourself.

Pete Augustine
City of Oshkosh


We purchased Minisoft's eFORMz solution about five years ago and used it to consolidate from four form types to one. Since that time, the package has continued to save money and boost efficiency by eliminating additional pre-printed forms and the need to use specialized font dimms. Most recently, we moved to Lexmark printers and the transition was seamless.

The package has continued to evolve as our business has grown and we are looking forward to taking advantage of new features in version 6.0. Minisoft's support is excellent and I would recommend eFORMz to anyone seeking forms flexibility.

Alana Jaster - Systems Manager
Universal Screen Arts, Inc.
What on Earth, Art & Artifact, Signals and Wireless Catalogs


We have been using the eFORMz about 6 months now and have been happy about the product. It gives us the flexibility to adjust the layout on the collate. We don't need to worry about the line-up on the collate every time we load the new Ecometry patch tape. It also gives us the ability to customize the collate according to our needs. The last but not the least, eFORMz gives us the option to switch to Lexmark printers and printing without the font chip. Our support rep is very helpful and knowledgeable. Overall, we are satisfied with the eFORMz product.

TLA Entertainment Group
Cindy Yuan-Suger - Ecometry Administrator


The Hines Corporation group of companies are in various manufacturing businesses and all use ERP as the primary application. A common need for all of the companies is the printing of invoices, purchase orders, order verifications, payroll checks, accounts payable checks, and more.

We were looking for a product that allowed us to handle output from any of our ERP systems, but it had to run on Linux as we pride ourselves on being virtually Microsoft free. This would allow us to get rid of pre-printed forms, but more importantly, improve worker productivity as faxing and e-mailing documents was taking too much time.

We purchased eFORMz a few months ago and it is running well for us. So far we have invoices and purchases orders being mated with a form and sent out via fax or e-mail and of course they can print to copiers and laser printers too. The eFORMz software allows us to print several copies of the same form with the only difference being who the copy is for (vendor copy, acceptance copy, file copy) which is printed at the bottom of the document automatically. In some cases, if a document is to be faxed or e-mailed, a single printed file copy is also required, which this is easy to do.

For faxing, we have an 8 port fax line Linux based fax server running VSIFax. We had to create a script on the fax server that runs under cron to monitor output from eDirect and we use NFS shares to allow the eFORMz server to monitor the ERP servers and for the fax server to monitor the eFORMz server. This setup is working great.

We also are now e-mailing reports like daily measurement reports to upper management rather than them getting printed reports in their mail slot. This saves paper and allows management personnel to keep abreast of things while they are on the road by simply accessing their e-mail.

We also want to acknowledge the great support that we have received from Andy. We needed some help getting the eDirect monitor working and have had a few questions on how to use the Composer product and his response turnaround time has always been excellent.

There are always more projects to do than time to do them, but I wish that we had taken the time to do this sooner.

Ed Harper - CIO, Hines Corporation
Hines Corporation


Just wanted to thank you for your assistance! We went live today and it seems to be working great so far. Thanks again for your patience and the phenomenal support!

Wayside Technology Group
Vito Legrottaglie - Vice President of Operations


We are fans of eFORMz and you could use us as a reference to sell more of this product. We already use it for pick/pack lists, BOL, manifest, invoices, checks, order confirmations and more that I cannot think of right now. We love it and the support is incredible!

Betty Rahe, Director Information Systems
American Marazzi Tile, Monarch Ceramic Tile, Ragno USA


And thanks for all your help this year. You have made our recent bank and system transitions go extremely well.

Steve Diedrich
Carmichael Lynch


I really appreciate the time and effort that was put into this project - definitely beyond the call of duty. I think the functionality of incorporating order and copy separator sheets is really a decent solution to replacing our multi-part forms. Hopefully you can use this concept with other customers trying to do the same thing.

You Guys Rock!

Paul Ernst
Business Analyst
Crane - Interpoint


Thanks again for your assistance!!! So far I believe eFORMz is one of the most useful applications I’ve seen as it relates to Ecometry! Hats off to Minisoft for this outstanding product!!!

Shane Higdon
Ecometry System Administrator


I wanted to send out a big Thank You for the excellent product and all the great support we’ve received on it.

Previously we had to use our system-generated post-cards for ftc notifications that were pre-printed and had to be folded to mail. This was costing us 44 cents a card. Since using eFORMz and reducing the form to front and back, we no longer have to fold and tape the cards and are saving 16 cents a card just on mailing (not counting the printing costs). We also have set up the automatic faxing and emailing of purchase orders without using the dedicated hardware required by our vendor using the eFORMz solution.

One of the nice features was being able to use the database look-up on a buyer code to automatically send a cc email to the purchaser when their purchase orders our emailed.. The support has been fantastic and I have never had a problem getting hold of them.

Thanks again.

Chuck Harrelson
Bailey’s Inc.


I am excited about 7.5! It is hard to imagine I can love this product anymore than I do....but I am sure I will! Wish all I did was work with this software!

Neda Bahrani
IS/IT Manager
Superior Dental Care


This is awesome news! Minisoft has been the best company that I have worked with over the past 7 years. You always help with problems and improve the product based on request.

Jeremiah Judson
Information Technology Manager
Spence Engineering Company, Inc.