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What is 2 Sided Thermal Printing?

The future of shipping, right at your fingertips.

DuplexPackSlip® Thermal Label printing uses two thermal print heads to duplex print on a thermal-coated label.

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It’s an all-in-one duplex shipping solution, which automatically marries a Shipping/Return Label with a Packing Slip/Invoice on the front and back sides of the same label.

Print, Peel & Paste

Typically, you’d have to print a Packing Slip and Shipping Label, match them, fold and insert the Packing Slip into the pouch, and then apply the Packing Slip and Shipping Label. With DuplexPackSlip® Thermal Label printing and eFORMz, you print the Packing Slip and Shipping Label simultaneously on one 2-sided label. You then apply the label and ship it. It’s as easy as printing, peeling and pasting.

How does eFORMz Make it Work?

(A DuplexPackSlip® is also known as a 2ST Label)

How does a Packing Slip, a Shipping Label, a DuplexPackSlip® Printer and a DuplexPackSlip® Label all come together?

With eFORMz, there’s nothing puzzling about it. First, a Packing Slip is generated and sent to eFORMz. An eFORMz project analyzes the Packing Slip, formats it and places it in a directory. Next, a Shipping Label is created and sent to eFORMz. An eFORMz project analyzes the Shipping Label, formats it and retrieves the Packing Slip for the second side of the DuplexPackSlip® Label. Finally, the completed DuplexPackSlip® Label is sent to the DuplexPackSlip® Printer, which prints on beautiful DuplexPackSlip® Thermal Labels. All in all, it’s much easier than making a 5-piece puzzle that looks good.

DuplexPackSlip® is a Better Process


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Automated Application of DuplexPackslip Labels.

Minisoft partner Engineering Innovation has a family of solutions for companies looking to automate their shipping processes. Check out their "peel and apply" hardware solution for duplex shipping labels.



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