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Idaho retailer increases sales using eDIRECT PLUS cross-selling and upselling features. Click here to learn more...

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TriSports.com & Going the Distance with eDIRECT+

Lamps Plus has a commitment to outstanding customer service. They recognize that customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business. The Lamps Plus challenge was how to maintain, and even improve on, their customer service as their business grew and became more complex with the growth in their traditional “brick & mortar” superstores and online web stores. The task of handling ever-growing numbers of customer inquiries proved to be a significant challenge for the Lamps Plus customer service department.

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TriSports.com & Going the Distance with eDIRECT+

TriSports.com is a leading triathlon retailer, providing a variety of products and resources for everything on the trail, in the water and on the road. Known for going the extra mile for their customers, TriSports.com wanted to send all of their transactional emails in functional, full-color HTML.

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Casual Male Retail Group uses eDIRECT+ for the Perfect Fit

Casual Male Retail Group, the largest specialty retailer of big and tall men’s apparel throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, knows that “life’s better when it fits.” Unfortunately, the multi-channel retailer’s transactional messages needed some alterations. For starters, they wanted to outfit their emails with an assortment of cross-sell and upsell offers tailored to their customer’s wardrobe needs. In addition, Casual Male felt that including the full ensemble of their brand’s logos and graphics was critical for supporting their direct-to-consumer websites. Using the methods that they were familiar with, Casual Male knew that having control over the design of their event-driven emails was essential for enhancing their customer’s overall shopping experience. After all, helping customers meet their complete clothing requirements was too important to leave to an outside service with a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Balley Direct uses eDIRECT+ for transactional email marketing

As a premier skin care marketing firm, Balley Direct understands the importance of having a complete transactional email marketing solution. With Minisoft’s eDIRECT+, they found exactly that. Balley Direct revamped Murad’s confirmation messages, utilizing powerful conditional logic to promote brand consistency and boost sales. Additionally, they reinforced their company identity and bolstered their customer service. From order confirmations and shipping notifications to surveys, special discounts and beyond, eDIRECT+ completes the overall shopping experience. For everything retail, look no further than Minisoft’s eDIRECT+.

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I/D/E/A Inc. uses eDIRECT PLUS for Transactional Emailing

I/D/E/A Inc., an automotive catalog marketer and manufacturing innovator, wasn’t all that happy with their transactional messages. For one, their event-triggered emails weren’t outfitted with any color or graphics, hurting their brand awareness. By extension, these plain-text messages weren’t equipped with any cross-sell and upsell proposals. By not giving customers the chance to purchase other products or services at the time of the sale, I/D/E/A wasn’t able to generate any additional revenue from the sales they processed. On top of that, the lack of shipment tracking information meant customers couldn’t check the shipping status of their orders, further jeopardizing their sterling reputation as a customer service ambassador.

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